Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Venue

Cooling Castle Barn (also commonly referred to as just Cooling Castle) is a justifiably popular Kent wedding venue and hosts over 300 weddings each year. It is readily accessible and is situated six miles north of Rochester. The main wedding venue is composed of three barns - the Tithe, or Great, Barn, the Fathom Barn and the Heritage Barn - which are situated next to the remains of Cooling Castle. The gatehouse, which greets you on arrival, in still in excellent condition and provides a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos.

One of the key advantages of a Cooling Castle Barn wedding is that you have everything you need on one site. No travelling between venues and losing guests en route. It's a nice compact venue but with a good variety of backdrops - good news for wedding photographers. It's also worth noting that you get a toastmaster with your wedding package who will help you keep your day on time (and will help your wedding photographer gather guests for the group shots). Outdoor ceremonies are catered for with a gazebo and the new Moat House enables brides to get ready on site.

I'm one of the preferred photographers at the Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Venue and have shot almost 50 weddings there and so am familiar with every nook and cranny. If you're planning on having your wedding there then please explore the galleries below and then email me for a quote.

Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photography

Larnie and Andrew's Wedding
Larnie and Andrew
October 2018

Emma and Mark's Wedding
Emma and Mark
September 2018

Rachel and Jason's Wedding
Rachel and Jason
September 2018

Emilia and Chloe's Wedding
Emilia and Chloe
July 2018

Victoria and Royce's Wedding
Victoria and Royce
July 2018

Kristy and Harrison's Wedding
Kristy and Harrison
June 2018

Charlene and Peter's Wedding
Charlene and Peter
June 2018

Kathleen and Jake's Wedding
Kathleen and Jake
May 2018

Sarah and Joe's Wedding
Sarah and Joe
May 2018

Alex and James' Wedding
Alex and James
May 2018

Rosie and Clarke's Wedding
Rosie and Clarke
April 2018

Kate and Reice's Wedding
Kate and Reice
April 2018

Lucie and Sam's Wedding
Lucie and Sam
March 2018

Carly and Dean's Wedding
Carly and Dean
March 2018

Toni and Matt's Wedding
Toni and Matt
March 2018

Chanel and Josh's Wedding
Chanel and Josh
February 2018

Angela and Ian's Wedding
Angela and Ian
December 2017

Amy and Jamie's Wedding
Amy and Jamie
November 2017

Emma and Jon's Wedding
Emma and Jon
September 2017

Amalia and George's Wedding
Amalia and George
August 2017

Danielle and Michael's Wedding
Danielle and Michael
July 2017

Ria and Ryan's Wedding
Ria and Ryan
July 2017

Laura and Thomas's Wedding
Laura and Thomas
July 2017

Lisa and Steve's Wedding
Lisa and Steve
April 2017

Lola and Arron's Wedding
Lola and Arron
April 2017

Aimee and Nicholas's Wedding
Aimee and Nicholas
March 2017

Hannah and Adam's Wedding
Hannah and Adam
February 2017

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