Wedding Photography at High Rocks

The High Rocks is a lovely wedding venue situated just 5 minutes from the centre of Tunbridge Wells. The main building looks like a giant wooden alpine-chalet and houses five oak-beamed function rooms. Across the road are the magnificent High Rocks themselves, an outcrop of heavily-weathered sandstone, surrounded by acres of woodland. It makes for a very impressive location for wedding photography. In addition, the heritage Spa Valley Railway is adjacent to the venue and so steam locomotives regularly pass by in a cloud of steam.

Weddings at High Rocks

Wedding at The High Rocks
Diane and James
July 2011

Wedding at High Rocks
Mikaila and Patrick
April 2012

Nicola and Steve's Wedding
Nicola and Steve
December 2013

Louise and Simon's Wedding
Louise and Simon
April 2014

Robert and Tom's Wedding
Robert and Tom
January 2015

Josephine and Matthew's Wedding
Josephine and Matthew
April 2016

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