Wedding Photography at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is an absolutely magnificent venue for a wedding. The castle is set in 500 acres of parkland, 4 miles south-east of Maidstone, Kent and offers stunning scenery and backdrops - it's a wedding photographer's paradise. To give you some idea of what a wedding at Leeds Castle can look like please view the galleries below.

Sally and Will's wedding took place at Mersham Church with the reception at Leeds Castle. They had pre-dinner drinks on a lawn facing the castle and then moved on to Fairfax Hall (a typical timber-framed Kentish barn) for speeches and the wedding breakfast. Claire and Dominic had both their ceremony and reception at the castle itself. The ceremony took place in the Dining Room, followed by drinks in the Library and then dinner in the Henry VIII Banqueting Hall, situated in the 13th century castle keep - the Gloriette. Chrissy and Andy had their ceremony and reception in the recently renovated Maiden's Tower. Both Luci and Chris, and Janine and Harry, had their weddings in The Gatehouse which, alas, is no longer available for weddings.

Laura and Guy got married on an absolutely beautiful day in October with their ceremony and reception in the castle. I started with a photoshoot of the grounds and castle and then joined Laura and her bridesmaids during their final preparations (the ladies were on top form and it was a highly amusing session). I then wandered down to the Library for candid shots of the guests and then lured Guy and his best man outside for a few shots. I then rejoined Laura and recorded her progress down the main staircase and into the ceremony room. After the ceremony and signing of the register everyone trooped outside to enjoy the setting sun whilst enjoying a glass of champagne - this provided me with an excellent opportunity to take lots of candids of the guests. I then whisked Laura and Guy off for 20 minutes for their bride and groom portrait session (I know the grounds intimately and soknow all the best locations for shots - whatever the weather decides to do) and then on our return we tackled the group shots. I then wandered down to the main hall to get some shots of the settings and cake and followed this up with lots of candids of the guests in the Library. After a highly entertaining receiving line I took candids of the guests as they settled in the hall and then departed as the wedding breakfast was served. This wedding features extensively on the Leeds Castle website and in their latest wedding brochure.

Weddings at Leeds Castle

Wedding at Leeds Castle
Sally and Will
October 2009

Leeds Castle Wedding
Claire & Dominic
November 2009

Leeds Castle
Chrissy & Andy
April 2011

Weddings at Leeds Castle
Luci and Chris
May 2011

Wedding at Leeds Castle Gatehouse
Janine and Harry
September 2011

An Autumn Wedding at Leeds Castle
Laura and Guy
October 2011

Wedding at Maiden's Tower, Leeds Castle
Jennifer and David
August 2012

Emma and John's Wedding
Emma and John
September 2012

Jayne and Steve's Wedding
Jayne and Steve
October 2012

Jo and Richard's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Jo and Richard
December 2012

Alison and Paul's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Alison and Paul
April 2013

Mary's Leeds Castle Wedding
Mary and Nicholas
October 2013

Annabel's Leeds Castle Wedding
Annabel and Toby
October 2013

Victoria's Leeds Castle Wedding
Victoria and Greg
October 2013

Leeds Castle Civil Partnership Ceremony
Wayne and Patrick
November 2013

Alison and Graham's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Alison and Graham
March 2014

Jess and Ranga's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Jess and Ranga
June 2014

Zohrah and David's Wedding
Zohrah and David
July 2014

Sara and Jay's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Sara and Jay
July 2014

Emily and Andy's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Emily and Andy
August 2014

Annie and Ken's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Annie and Ken
September 2014

Miriam and Edward's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Miriam and Edward
March 2015

Sarah and Matt's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Sarah and Matt
April 2015

Louisa and Dean's Wedding at Leeds Castle
Louisa and Dean
May 2015

Sara and Scott's Wedding
Sara and Scott
July 2015

Boo and Dan's Wedding
Boo and Dan
August 2015

Hollie and Laurence's Wedding
Hollie and Laurence
August 2015

Jessica and Daniel's Wedding
Jessica and Daniel
August 2015

Lesley and Wayne's Wedding
Lesley and Wayne
September 2015

Mel and Gary's Wedding
Mel and Gary
September 2015

Samantha and Craig's Wedding
Samantha and Craig
September 2015

Kate and John's Wedding
Kate and John
February 2016

Claire and Anthony's Wedding
Claire and Anthony
March 2016

Zoe and Vittorio's Wedding
Zoe and Vittorio
May 2016

Trisha and Christian's Wedding
Trisha and Christian
October 2016

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