Wedding at Alexander House Hotel

Monika and Wei's wedding was photographed at St Ann's Catholic Church, Banstead and Alexander House Hotel in June 2014. They had 11 hours coverage which gave 673 photos.



Monika and I have just returned from our honeymoon. When we returned the first thing we saw were your photo DVDs on the doormat.

We are so happy that we asked you to be the photographer on our wedding day. You did everything we asked for. You were so professional and accommodating. All our guests commented on how great you were.

All the photos, without exception, are excellent. We love looking through them over and over again. We absolutely adore them.

Thank you again for being a part of making the day so special for us. We are happy to recommend your photography services to any of your future clients. You are a great photographer, very dynamic and you clearly know your role and objectives.


Monika and Wei, June 2014
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