Clare and Simon's Wedding

Clare and Simon's wedding was photographed at Winters Barns in November 2017. They had 8.5 hours coverage which gave 584 photos.


We booked David for our wedding over two years in advance. He was the only photographer we approached and considered. Some say that anyone can learn to be a photographer, and this well may be true, but with David you are gaining so much more than someone who can operate a camera. David captures so much from your day. His photos of course are of the highest quality, carefully edited and professionally displayed, but what sets David apart from so many others is the emotions his photos evoke. He captures the parts of your day you forgot, and those you weren't even aware had happened, all whilst blending in and guests remaining comfortable with his presence. And when your big day is over, and you're left feeling slightly sad that it has passed, you are presented with your whole day in pictures, an investment that provides a lifetime of memories.

If you are booking David, and I recommend that you do, other than booking in advance to avoid disappointment, my one piece of advice for you would be this - make sure you have plenty of tissues ready for when your day is brought back to life before your very eyes! For us, that level of talent and service cannot be taught. Thank you David, you were a huge part of our day, and so many guests have contacted us about the excellent service you supplied.

Clare and Simon Dew, November 2017
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