Deborah and Jeremy's Wedding

Deborah and Jeremy's wedding was photographed at The Bell Hotel, Sandwich in September 2012. They had 1.5 hours coverage which gave 208 photos.



I just wanted to apologise for the late contact. However, you were never far from our thoughts and we now have the opportunity to catch up on our 'Thank yous'.

With that in mind; David, we can not sing your praises loudly enough. Thank you so much for providing us with such beautiful wedding photography. We were so impressed with how quickly the images arrived and have received fantastic feedback. We are so grateful that we do not have to choose a small selection for an album as it would be impossible, instead we have all the images at our disposal.

You made a very shy couple very relaxed and your ninja-like qualities are second to none! You were a joy to work with and we will be recommending you to anyone who will listen.

Thank you David, sincerely.

With kindest regards,

Jeremy and Deborah Tetley, September 2012
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