Wedding at Downing College, Cambridge

Caroline and David's wedding was photographed at Downing College, Cambridge in July 2012. They had 10 hours coverage which gave 682 photos.


Dear David,

Wow! Wow! Wow! The photos you took are superb.

Elizabeth and I were totally shattered the day after, and the aches and pains in our legs and feet prove it! We do not know how you cope with coverage of a wedding two or three times a week - on your feet all the time, and always being alert to a photo opportunity. It must be mentally and physically draining.

Although we took two cameras with us, we hardly used them as we knew what a great job you would do. Those photos we did take on Sunday show slightly serious looking people - how on earth did you manage to catch people in such good spirits, smiling and laughing (as they all seem to be in your photos)? Perhaps I should have waited for the effects of alcohol to show themselves!! I also took a few shots of the buildings and grounds of the college - even they do not look half as good as yours!

Many thanks once again.

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth and Clive (parents of the groom)

Caroline and David, July 2012
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