Emma and Richard's Wedding

Emma and Richard's wedding was photographed at The Orangery, Turkey Mill in July 2015. They had 8.5 hours coverage which gave 602 photos.


Dear David,

We felt compelled to write to you to try and put into words our gratitude to you for the service you provided; pre, during and post wedding.

Having visited three other wedding photography professionals, and researched countless others, we were quite sure that your subtle approach and quality was the one that was right for us. There was no hard sale or ultimatum to gain our commitment because, quite simply, the fact that you are so well subscribed, along with a portfolio of excellent albums we were able to view with you, told us that you were the right choice.

Your photos combine the technical and artistic, with shallow depth of field, sharpness and with each image seeming to tell a story. In the albums you produce this quality is obvious.

We were delighted on the day that you were able to cope with the inclement summer weather we encountered and, in fact, were able to use your experience to direct us, using the reception grounds and the natural light to our benefit. I'm sure others would have not tried quite as hard to achieve this for us.

Our guests commented to us on different occasions that they felt you had done a magnificent job in terms of going un-noticed whilst taking photographs, but also being organised with group photos in an endearing manner.

We have now been able to view the photos that you took and we are simply amazed and very grateful.

As we say, we felt we had to write to you having had the time to appreciate your photos and realising how much difference the right photographer makes on the day and for the memories thereafter.

Best wishes,

Emma and Richard, July 2015
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