Wedding Photography at The Hilton Maidstone

Sam and Lee's wedding was photographed at All Saint's Church, Lydd and The Hilton, Maidstone in February 2011. They had 6 hours coverage which gave 455 photos.


We absolutely love the photos and ever since they were published online we haven't stopped looking at them (even when we were on honeymoon). We were even excited to come off honeymoon so that we could see the 455 picture masterpiece that David had created.

All of our family and friends have commented on how great the photos are and want a copy of the DVD so they can have a look. We have also had emails via Facebook asking for David's contact details as they really are that good.

David's skill with a camera is breathtaking and is only matched by the rapport he built with us and the guests on the day; everyone commented on how relaxed they felt and that they didn't even notice the camera - which is good with our camera shy family. We can't imagine that a better job could have been done and were so glad we have so many high quality pictures to look back at.

Many thanks,

Sam & Lee Merriman, February 2011
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