Kirsty and Simon's Wedding

Kirsty and Simon's wedding was photographed at Lympne Castle in July 2012. They had 7.5 hours coverage which gave 602 photos.


David was exceptional; he was attentive, personable and the whole process seemed effortless - a testimony to his skill. His ability to be in the right place at the right time and capture shots most people would not even see, let alone photograph, was uncanny and all of this was achieved with a near supernatural ability to blend into the background so you hardly knew he was there. His sense of humour ensured that he got the best from every situation and every person. He is the candid king!

Many of the guests commented on how fluid and organised the family shots were with many expecting long waits, based on similar experiences, that never occurred much to their delighted surprise.

It is clear that David spends substantial time after the wedding day editing and tweaking photos with a meticulous attention to detail - hire him for one day and you get three and his innovative costing system represents excellent value for money compared to many of his peers.

You can guarantee high quality, high resolution photos (9meg jpeg files) which are large enough to be printed at A1 should you require it! All of the several hundred photographs we received where superb - every shot a poignant reminder of our day and something to be treasured forever.

I could not recommend David highly enough, he is an exceptionally safe pair of hands on your wedding day, someone who will get on and do the job supremely well and is therefore, one less thing for you to worry about.

Kirsty and Simon, July 2012
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