Claire & Dominic's Wedding

Claire and Dominic's wedding was photographed at Leeds Castle in November 2009. They had 4 hours coverage which gave 443 photos.


Hi David,

Hello from Rio! Just to say we just saw the photos online and they look AMAZING! You did such a good job considering the horrendous weather outside and lack of light inside. Loved the few you managed outside between showers though. You've really captured the spirit of it all perfectly. It was so great to have such a calm person doing the photography.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to others. In our opinion, you are very much underselling yourself at the moment, so people will have to book in fast before you realise your true value!

All best wishes


And a further message from Dom:


You impressed us with your four-pronged attack of impressiveness:

Prong One was your business model, which initially drew us towards you because of your competitive pricing and the fact that you don't charge extra for allowing us to have all the photos; you just let us have all the photos, with which we can do what we like. That's everything we wanted and a strong opening prong.

Prong Two was your professionalism, which was consistently high, from precise and clear communication during planning, to friendly and humoured service on the day, followed by prompt delivery of the photographs. Also, it was good that you weren't weird - or, at least, hid any weirdness behind your professionalism.

Prong Three was the quality of your photography. We have had repeated and positive comments about the excellent photographs: you captured the mood, the lighting is great, the colours are great, the combination of colour and b&w shots is great, and you do weirdly (but not obtrusively) impressive things with the sky or something in your outdoor shots of the venue that looks very cool, and so everything looked just great. I would say you made everyone look more attractive, but they were a very attractive bunch in the first place.

Prong Four was the approach you take to making your work freely accessible (alluded to, three prongs ago): posting the main photos on your site, again on Facebook, and by sending us the disk with all the photos on, unencumbered by additional charges and all within a couple of days of the wedding. It meant that everyone had seen the photos in a short space of time, even before the happy couple had found the business centre in their honeymoon hotel (a good thing because less work for happy couple to do).

Your prongs are therefore awesome. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others, though I would have hesitation in typing out this prong business again. And if either of us gets married again, I'm sure we'd want to come to you for the photos.


Claire & Dominic Pettit, November 2009
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