Lucy and George's Wedding

Lucy and George's wedding was photographed at Penshurst Place and Penshurst Village Hall in May 2019. They had 7.5 hours coverage which gave 640 photos.


Working within the wedding industry means that my husband and I were always privy to wedding photographers and their work, and though there are countless extremely talented wedding photographers in Kent, for us there was never any question about who we wanted to photograph our wedding and we thank our lucky stars David happened to have availability for our day!

Not only did David glide seamlessly between our guests, capturing moments we would never have seen if it wasn't for him, he was also extremely professional when it came to our portrait session and was committed to getting the best out of our short time together going as far as alerting me when a stray hair may interrupt the shot, or if we needed to drop our shoulders. David's personable and easygoing approach made the session an absolute breeze, we felt extremely relaxed and this is what shines through in our beautiful photo collection.

I would not hesitate to recommend David to everyone, he is superbly talented at what he does, and above that, is an extremely lovely chap to have with you on your wedding, supporting you through each moment of your day - it was a real pleasure to have him with us and I urge you to give him a call and book!

Lucy and George, May 2019
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