Michelle & Ade's Wedding in Maidstone

Michelle and Ade's wedding was photographed at Chilston Park and the Archbishop's Palce, Maidstone in May 2011. They had 5 hours coverage which gave 422 photos.


We just want to say thank you so so much for Wednesday 18th May. You captured exactly the mood we wanted throughout our wedding - which was a fun day.

All the comments on Facebook when you posted the photos on the Thursday, mimicked everyones verbal amazement to us, of the quality of the photographs and the candid nature of the images. Nobody realised that they were being photographed, apart from the formals. It means that you have captured exactly the fun and relaxed mood that pervaded the whole day.

We have already started the "use David Fenwick" campaign with friends!

Your final photograph still makes us chuckle everytime we look at it. All the best with everything and I dare say we will catch up on Facebook.

Michelle & Ade Hodgetts, May 2011
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