Mel and Lee's Wedding

Mel and Lee's wedding was photographed at The Orangery at Turkey Mill in July 2016. They had 4 hours coverage which gave 511 photos.


Stunning photos that capture the essence of the day perfectly! Thank you so much David.

Andree Taylor (mother of the bride)

** 'Best wedding photographer I've known' - said almost every guest at our wedding! **

We knew we'd picked the right person as soon as we saw David's photos online and then met him in person, but on the day he surpassed every expectation we had of him.

We felt completely relaxed and at ease as soon as we arrived and loved how professional and discreet he was - most of the time we barely knew he was there. He left us to interact naturally but still gave us direction and some advice to help ensure the photos came out perfectly. I loved how he asked all men to take their hands out of their pockets, watched our for uneven gaps and kept an eye on the sunlight and cloud cover to get the shot at just the right time. The final product was amazing, too. Everyone has said they're the best wedding photos they've ever seen, and the fact that he sent them to us within a week of the wedding is just the cherry on top.

David is extremely talented and passionate about photography, and wanted to make sure every shot was perfect. That doesn't mean he spent ages setting up each shot, though. In fact, he managed to get through our group shots in 15 minutes which gave us more time to mingle and chat to our guests. We have friends who have said their cheeks have hurt by the end of their photos, or that the photography of their day was the most awkward part with lots of setting up shots and forced poses, but our experience with David was the complete opposite of this. I really cannot recommend David highly enough.

As a business owner myself, I’m a complete control freak and am all about organisation and having a meticulous attention to detail. I’m very picky with who I work with and 99% of the time I’m a firm believer in the ‘you can’t trust anyone to do something right so do it yourself’ mantra, but we could put our complete faith and trust in David and could step back and be guided through the day.

One of the funniest moments of our day was watching him clamber through the bushes to cut the long stems that were blocking the group photo - he really does go the extra mile to make sure everyone is calm, relaxed, happy, and gets the best wedding shots you could wish for. Thank you, David. We know you'll be getting lots of business from our guests in the future!

Mel and Lee, July 2016
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