Suzy & Jason's Wedding

Suzy and Jason's wedding was photographed at The Ramada Hotel, Dover in June 2011. They had 3 hours coverage which gave 350 photos.


David provided the perfect service right from the initial meeting - where he explained everything, from timings to suggestions to the running order. To find someone who invites you to put your own personality into the photos is fabulous.

On our big day his professionalism shone through. He knew exactly what we wanted and discreetly guided us all - from young to old - bringing the best out of all of us.

The end product, the photographs, are fantastic. Lovely one-on-one images of us both and brilliant group photos. The relaxed nature of the photos, capturing the happiness of the day, made them all very special.

Thank you David for keeping our special day alive for ever!

Suzy & Jason Lowe, June 2011
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